The bureau provides legal assistance in regulatory issues for telecommunications companies, ISP, broadcasting companies and new means of communications.

-Filling procedures for Granting of licenses, frequencies, signalization and numbering.
-Presentation and follow up of files whether in the CNC,SECOM and COMFER.
-Negotiation of interconnection conditions.
-Managing and legal strategies.
-Approval of stock transferences and installments.
-Drawing of the agreements among users and providers.
-Representation and follow up of files at legal courts.
-Legal assistance in the drawing of tenders.
-Filings in private and public tenders.
-Filling procedures for authorizations and rights of way.

Computer Law
Evaluation of risks from a legal point of view regarding the incorporation of technology in different businesses.

-Registration of national and international Internet dominions and trademarks.
-Drawing of digital agreements.
-Advising on the implementation of digital signature and processes of authentication.
-Registration of software´s developments.
-Safeguard of Personal Data.
-Drawing of agreements for informatics services, equipments and licenses.
-Digital billing pursuant AFIP ruling.

Following the Internet development the legal advising of the new items in this specific area is inevitable.

-Legal auditory of web pages: drawing of policies of use, confidentiality, etc.
-Regulation of e-commerce; means of payments, delivery of products and services -Assistance in conflicts of dominions, trademarks and patents.
-Drawing of agreements online.
-e-mails: protection and drawing of policies for employees and companies.
-Safeguard of contents

Consumers Right and Anti Trust
There are specific regulations as to the consumer’s rights and Anti Trust due to the evolution and interaction of the markets nowadays.
-Filings and follow up before the CNDC and bodies protecting the consumers.
-Authorizations for businesses implying economic concentrations.
-Denounce non-competitive practice and abuse of incumbent positions.
-Advising in the regulation as to advertisements.
-Drawing of consumption agreements.

General Practice
Lescano & Etcheverry provides his clients a complete legal assistance.

- Start up of companies, foundations and civil associations. Modifications of Bylaws.
- Due Diligence of companies and businesses.
- Mergers and acquisitions.
- Filings before the IGJ (Companies Administrative Authority) and before Regulatory Bodies.
- Drawing drafts of commercial and civil agreements, especially those with certain complexity.
- Judicial procedures and mediations.


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