The bureau provides legal assistance in regulatory issues for telecommunications companies, ISP, broadcasting companies and new means of communications.

-Filling procedures for Granting of licenses, frequencies, signalization and numbering.
-Presentation and follow up of files whether in the CNC,SECOM and COMFER.
-Negotiation of interconnection conditions.
-Managing and legal strategies.
-Approval of stock transferences and installments.
-Drawing of the agreements among users and providers.
-Representation and follow up of files at legal courts.
-Legal assistance in the drawing of tenders.
-Filings in private and public tenders.
-Filling procedures for authorizations and rights of way.

Computer Law
Evaluation of risks from a legal point of view regarding the incorporation of technology in different businesses.

-Registration of national and international Internet dominions and trademarks.
-Drawing of digital agreements.
-Advising on the implementation of digital signature and processes of authentication.
-Registration of software´s developments.
-Safeguard of Personal Data.
-Drawing of agreements for informatics services, equipments and licenses.
-Digital billing pursuant AFIP ruling.

Following the Internet development the legal advising of the new items in this specific area is inevitable.

-Legal auditory of web pages: drawing of policies of use, confidentiality, etc.
-Regulation of e-commerce; means of payments, delivery of products and services -Assistance in conflicts of dominions, trademarks and patents.
-Drawing of agreements online.
-e-mails: protection and drawing of policies for employees and companies.
-Safeguard of contents

Consumers Right and Anti Trust
There are specific regulations as to the consumer’s rights and Anti Trust due to the evolution and interaction of the markets nowadays.
-Filings and follow up before the CNDC and bodies protecting the consumers.
-Authorizations for businesses implying economic concentrations.
-Denounce non-competitive practice and abuse of incumbent positions.
-Advising in the regulation as to advertisements.
-Drawing of consumption agreements.

General Practice
Lescano & Etcheverry provides his clients a complete legal assistance.

- Start up of companies, foundations and civil associations. Modifications of Bylaws.
- Due Diligence of companies and businesses.
- Mergers and acquisitions.
- Filings before the IGJ (Companies Administrative Authority) and before Regulatory Bodies.
- Drawing drafts of commercial and civil agreements, especially those with certain complexity.
- Judicial procedures and mediations.

Professional Profile

Based on a solid knowledge and constant updating Lescano & Etcheverry is a young bureau providing several and flexible solutions necessary to face the impact of the new technologies and the corresponding business opportunities such technologies generate.

Lescano & Etcheverry combines expertise and global view so as to achieve success in decisions taken by its clients. The firm´s proposal is based on the excellence of the services provided , offering personal attention to each of the requirements.

Lescano & Etcheverry gives an expert and independent opinion, helping the client to take a better decision being the technological advance the common denominator.

The partners of Lescano & Etcheverry have 11 years of expertise within the local and international market advising several companies as well as private and public organizations in the legal and regulatory field.

The bureau is a real alley for clients willing to provide services of telecommunications, broadcasting or any other activity related with new technologies of communications and information.

Projects for telecommunications, broadcasting, providers of technologies or services grant Lescano & Etcheverry bureau a particular expertise profile, which means be aware of the needs of each of its clients.

Honesty, Engagement and professionalism are the values guiding our work.